Preparation of travel


Are you selected for participation on Training Course within European Youth Work Academy? It is time to plan your trip. Here is some information that can be useful for you.

Find out most economic way of transport

Project team and your sending organization will be happy to help you to plan your travel to Belgrade and back. Please pay attention on following instructions before booking your tickets:

  • Book cheapest options (2nd class train, economy class flight)
  • Only flights on project arrival/departure day are eligible for reimbursement. Up to 2 days before/after project can be accepted if it is motivated with price of ticket or not existing transport for original dates. This should be proven with print screen of price of tickets on original date or information that there is no transport on that day.
  • Hosting organization is not able to provide you or cover your costs of staying in Belgrade before and after project dates.
  • For breaks longer than 12h during your travel from your home to Belgrade and on way back please request confirmation by hosting organization, otherwise your ticket may not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement will be done in EUR in cash on last day on Training Course upon attending at least 80% of program and presenting all original tickets, boarding passes (both ways) and invoices.
  • Please book all your tickets including those needed for way back since hosting organization will not be able to reimburse you non-existing tickets.
  • Participants will be requested to send by post all original tickets and boarding passes that they need for way back.
  • Please mind that actual costs of your travel will be reimbursed up to the limit according to your country. Please check limits on this link.
  • In case that your departure place is geographically closer to Belgrade than place of your sending organization your travel limit may be lower.

For participants traveling from neighboring countries we advise to check arrivals of busses and trainers to Belgrade on following links: BUS ARRIVALS, TRAIN ARRIVALS. Please mind that trains ussualy arrive to station BEOGRAD not BEOGRAD CENTAR, except trains from Romania. Busses of Lasta bus company arrives on Lasta bus station across the main Belgrade bus station.

For participants traveling for other than neighboring countries of Serbia please check cheapest options on A biggest low cost airline in Belgrade is WizzAir offering flights from many Western European coountries. National airlines Air Serbia offer special deals for selected European destinations each Friday.

IMPORTANT! Participants are requested to book their tickets minimum 25 days before arrival. If you are not sure if your wished ticket is eligible for reimbursement feel free to contact us on Once you book your tickets, please forward it on Your e-mail with booking information should be saved as PDF and named “name_departure_destination.pdf” (e.g. for Johns ticket from London to Belgrade name of file will be: John_London_Belgrade.pdf)

If you need any help planning your travel, feel free to contact us.