Who can take part?

Motivated youth workers and young leaders from involved countries can take part.

Which countries and how many participants?

Each partner from Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo UNSC Resolution 1244/99) send 2 participant on each activity. Each partner from Programme Country (Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Malta) send 1 participant on each activity.

How and when to apply?

From 02/03/2016 application procedure for TOT edition is open. Applications should be submitted via Salto on this link. Deadline for applications is 19/03/2016. Selected participants will be informed by partner organisation on 22/03/2016. Please contact partner organisation from your country regarding pre-selection and all other questions related to selection procedure.

Is there any participation fee and what are the costs?

Hosting organisation will not charged any participation fee. Check with partner regarding their policy. Accommodation and food will be covered by hosting organisation. 100% of travel costs up to limit will be reimbursed.

Departure* Limit in EUR
Belgrade, Serbia 0
Olawa, Poland 275
Ptuj, Slovenia 180
Djakovo, Croatia 180
Andrijevica, Montenegro 180
Tirana, Albania 180
Sofia, Bulgaria 180
Banja Luka, Bonsnia and Herzegovina 180
Prague, Czech Republic 275
Leipzig, Germany 275
Pärnu, Estonia 275
Paris, France 275
Thessaloniki, Greece 275
Bari, Italy 275
Prizren, Kosovo 180
Vilnius, Lithiuania 275
Skopje, Macedonia 180
Zurrieq, Malta 275
Tromsø, Norway 360
Beja, Portugal 275
Galati, Romania 275
Trnava, Slovakia 180
Eyüp, Turkey 275
Flexly, GL, UK 275
*In case that your departure place is different than place of partner organisation your limit may be lower.