Information for participants

This page will provide selected participants with information needed for preparation and participation. If you are selected for participation, please check this page regulary for new updates.

21/10/2015 – Information about travel preparation has been published on this link.

22/10/2015 – Information about local transport has been published on this link.

27/10/2015 – Link with information about visa policy of Serbia has been added. Citizens of EU, Mecedonia, Montenegro, Bosnian and Herzegovina can enter Serbia using valid passport or ID card. Citizens of Albania and Turkey can enter Serbia with valid passport only. Visa is not required. Holders of documents issued by Kosovo can enter Serbia using ID card only. If you would like to obtaining invitation letter please contact hosting organisation.

27/10/2015 – On the end of each activity YouthPass certificate will be issued to participants. There is specific part of program planned for self-assesment of learning achievement by participants. More information about YouthPass in practice on training course, basic instructions for self assessment and explained Key competences, please click on this link (pages 10+). Additional support and instructions will be provided on spot. YouthPass will be generated in English, upon request it can be generated in any other official language of European Union.

09/11/2015 – Registration form for all selected participants has been added on this link.