Training of Management (TOM) – DAY 7, 06.12.2015


The last working day of European Youth Work Academy was full of happiness, and excitement, and at the same time – a little sad. Because on the one hand, 7 days of productive sessions, working and having fun together have passed, making new contacts  and plans for future. But at the same time, it was time to say “good bye” (or at least, “see you soon”) to all those amazing people that created the memories of this project together.



However, hugs, tears, and “seee you soon” words were in the evening. The day was still fulfilled with workshops, sessions and discussions. In the morning the group was talking about Future Cooperation, next stages of European Youth Work Academy and common plans for the next year. After that, during the Visibility and Dissemination session, participants shared the results of the project through writing and disseminating the press-release, work on social media and online platforms, making the movie and even creating the Museum of the project!


And after all, there was a time for evaluation and final words… But we all knew that it was not “good bye”, but just “see you soon”. So more and more exciting partnerships, projects, and memories are waiting for us in the future!

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who made this project happen and fulfilled it with a lot of emotional moments and unforgettable memories!

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