Training of Management (TOM) – DAY 2, 01.12.2015


The second day of European Youth Work Academy was very special, also because two of our participants have celebrated their birthdays, so since the early morning the whole group had an extremely positive energy!

Video: Vojislav Vujić

The program started with getting to know each other better – the participants shared more information about themselves, their experience in youth work, hobbies, interests, and other things they are doing and enjoying in their lives.


After that, we proceeded to building our dream-team with the activity named “Mission Impossible”. Luckily, the participants have proved that mission is possible! Together they completed the tasks and showed that they can effectively work together. Thanks to that, they created the Constitution of EYWA, learned more about Erasmus+ Programme, their own expectations and the objectives of the training course, made great photos, came up with a lot of creative ideas for the project and even learned how to say “European Youth Work Academy” in different languages! Looks like the result of a great team work, doesn’t it? :)


Photo: Anisa Zeqja


Photo: Adeline Nguyen

In the afternoon, there was an Open NGO Fair of Youth Organizations that took place in the EU Info Center in Belgrade. For this event there were invited not only participants of the project, but also representatives of other local organizations. After short presentations, we proceeded to the open space, so everyone could network with each other and create relationships for future cooperation. More than 50 people participated in the event, and a lot of partnerships were created. So we can expect a lot of new local and international activities all over the Europe. Looking forward!



Photo: Bojan Kocevski

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