Training of Leaders (TOL) – DAY 7, 18.02.2016


The Day 7 of Training of Leaders is the last day of the programme. That’s why it has become a day aimed to sum up everything we have learned about youth work, leadership, organizing and leading youth exchanges, working with a team, and many many other things.

That’s why all together we went through all the stages of the youth exchanges again: preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow-up.

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In the afternoon we asked ourselves and each other an important question – What is next? And during the session we discussed about future cooperation, plans together, follow-up activities, as well as the next steps of European Youth Work Academy.


As always, it is hard to believe, but 7 days have passed very fast (actually, too fast). And here comes the time to evaluate the project, to summarize our experience, to evaluate the project, and maybe to say something that was not said yet. One by one, we have shared with each other our thoughts and feelings, all different, but with one common thing – the week together was an incredible experience, and it was definitely just a beginning of new friendships, partnerships and great future memories.


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