Training of Leaders (TOL) – DAY 6, 17.02.2016


One of the most important things that create the energy and ensure the positive flow of any youth exchange is the group dynamics. This was the topic of the morning session of European Youth Work Academy’s Training of Leaders. After that we proceeded to the session about conflict resolution. Since many of participants are experienced in youth work generally and youth exchanges particularly, the workshop was full of sharing the practical experiences, successful cases, and discussions about how to avoid or solve different kinds of situations.

12743526_726012207498468_7062398067765921020_nThe day before the participants were talking about outdoor activities as a tool in youth exchanges. As the practical part of the workshop, they had to create and develop their own activities, that later could be used in their own projects. That’s why on this day we implemented few of them as well, for example – building the highest tower. The participants proved again their creativity and the ability to work together, so they built the towers… of themselves :)

12717300_726053527494336_7202634347651053726_n  12744588_726053614160994_5289410241206614547_nThe afternoon sessions were dedicated to European values, and quality based approaches in youth work. We discussed what is a value, what are the personal values for participants, as well as what are the European values which actually all the youth workers and organizations are standing for. And in the end of the day, we talked how to measure the quality of youth exchange, set reasonable indicators, according to the core principles of youth work and aims of the activity or orgaization.

And in the evening all together we had the “My Leadership Inspiration” Night – when everyone could share something he feels passionate about, something that motivates and inspire. So in the evening we had several corners and “workshops” leaded by participants – about travelling, yoga, entrepreneurship, psychology. Again and again – EYWA is inspiring and changing people’s lives :)

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