Training of Leaders (TOL) – DAY 4, 15.02.2016


As always, the time is flying fast, and today, on the fourth day of Training of Leaders we have crossed the equator of the project. During these days we have learned many things not only about youth exchanges, but also about youth work, Erasmus+ Programme and leadership generally. However, it is too early to review the results, since the second part of the training is going to be even more inense, exciting and productive.

So… KA1, KA2, KA3, APV, TC, YE, PBA, PIF, PIC… If you are not experienced in the Erasmus+ Programme these abbreviations look mysterious, don’t they? Well, not for participants of EYWA. Even though the majority of the group are pretty experienced in the Programme, the morning workshop about all those key terms of Erasmus+ was extremely useful and effective for everyone. Because besides theory, there are also the practical aspects of all the activities, and sharing this experience with each other is pricelss!

12728780_867581213363982_144229018689476534_nAfter that, we proceeded to the individual work (with a short theoretical introduction) about types of leadership, conflict management, and Belbin team roles. With understanding those roles and terms, it becomes way much easier to collaborate in a team, to lead a team, and what is the most important, to do it effectively.


However, the day is not over yet! We are preparing for the Movie Night, and for another priceless moments we are going to spend together…

Photos: Spela Tezak

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