Training of Leaders (TOL) – DAY 2, 13.02.2016


After the first night in Belgrade, after the first contacts and meetings, we proceeded to the next day of our Training of Leaders. In order to get to know each other even better (there is no limits for perfection, right?), participants introduced themselves (and each other) again, so we all could learn about each other, our backgrounds, experiences, interests, hobbies and many many other things that we love and enjoy in our lives. Also, our international team of trainers from Albania, Croatia and Serbia introduced themselves, spoke about their experience in youth work, in youth exchanges, in Erasmus+ and previous programmes. So one thing we can be absolutely sure about is that with more than ten years of experiences, they definitely have A LOT of things and knowledge to share with the participants.


After that, we continued with the teambuilding activities, and again proved that with the great team everything is possible, even the most impossible mission. And moreover, having the great team you not only get great results, but also enjoy the process. Proven by the participants of ToL.


In the afternoon  participants started working on the topic of the project – youth exchanges. Through working in the small groups, discussions and presentations, we shared the experiences and spoke in details about what is youth exchange, how it works and from which elements it consists and what are the roles in a youth exchange. In the following days the participants and trainers will go deeper into the topic, learn about leadership and practical aspects of youth exchanges.

In the evening there was the traditional activity for most of the projects – Intercultural Evening, during which participants in 5 groups presented in a creative way their regions. Great party has lasted for a few hours, and besides learning a lot of new things about each other, everyone enjoyed the intercultural way of spending time together.


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