Training of Management (TOM) – DAY 6, 05.12.2015


After learning about Erasmus+ Programme, participants of European Youth Work Academy started developing project ideas and learning how to write project proposals. Since all of the partner organizations are active in the field of youth work, these sessions has become one of the most useful for everyone. Among the participants there were both, experienced youth workers and those who just start their way […]

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Training of Management (TOM) – DAY 4, 03.12.2015


The Day 4 had an exciting beginning, because European Youth Work Academy started with the visit of our two guest trainers – Milos Djajic and Igor Jojkic, who shared with us their big experience and information about communication in youth work. But before… participants had to present and speak about themselves as long as the match is burning! Great way to learn more […]

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The third day of European Youth Work Academy was absolutely productive and full of new knowledge and experiences for everyone, our participants, trainers and project team. The day has started with the session about Innovative NGO management leaded by our trainer from Poland Agnieszka Janik, the President of TDM 2000 Polska, that works in the field of non-formal education for youth for […]

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Training of Management (TOM) – DAY 2, 01.12.2015


The second day of European Youth Work Academy was very special, also because two of our participants have celebrated their birthdays, so since the early morning the whole group had an extremely positive energy! Video: Vojislav Vujić The program started with getting to know each other better – the participants shared more information about themselves, their experience in youth work, hobbies, […]

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Training of Management (TOM) – DAY 1, 30.11.2015


Finally, after travelling from all the parts of Europe, participants of European Youth Work Academy have arrived to Belgrade. The first day of the project has started with welcoming to the venue, presentation of the project and hosting organization – CET Platform, and first ice-breaking activities. As always, the first evenings are exciting and intriguing – more than 30 people […]

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